Important reminder: Canteen changes in September

Update: Please collect canteen registration letters & reprints from school reception.
We are not currently able to provide them over the phone or by email. Reception is open until 2pm this week.

Dear Parent/Carer,

If your child was in school at the end of the summer term, they will have been given an important letter regarding setting up the online system for paying for food in the canteen. The letter contains a unique code for your child’s online account. If you haven’t already set up your child’s account, please ask your child for this letter so you can get the account set up. If your child wasn’t in school and hasn’t had the letter, their letter can be collected from reception. If the account isn’t set up by September, it will impact their ability to access food in the canteen.

Copies of your child’s letter with the unique code can be regenerated in school, so please contact us if you need another copy. At the moment, 25% of our pupils have an online account set up by parents/carers. This means that only 25% of our pupils will be able to access the canteen on Tuesday 5th September.


Damian Benney