Thank you for your patience at this challenging time. Behind the scenes we have been working on developing our Remote Learning Platform using Google for Education. Pupils can access this using their Hwb account details and then entering classroom codes for the correct subject areas. These Google Classroom Codes can be found within the Remote Learning tab on the menu bar above.

Additional Resources

We have gathered a list of additional websites that can also be used to supplement learning alongside the Google Classroom areas.

  1. Key Stage 3 – English, Maths and Science.

      A website split into year groups that allows pupils to practise thousands of topic-based skills in live tests. Membership is not required, just click in to the relevant year group and the subject required.

      A website that has been made specifically for students to help them research effectively and easily. You can search by topic e.g. ‘Roald Dahl’ or by subject e.g. ‘Maths’ and you will be taken to a variety of articles/webpages for that particular topic/subject.

    • My Maths
      Pupils regularly use this site in school but will need their log in details.

    • Maths DIY
      Exam papers and topic booklets; with full worked solutions for marking at home.

    • Mr Barton Maths
      Resources and video explanations of all maths topics.

    • Science Mini Projects
      A collection of projects with signposted research for pupils to follow.

    • KS3 English Booklets
      9 booklets for KS3 pupils each linked to an author.

  2. Pupils in Year 10 or 11 (KS4) should use the Revision Calendars tab on the school website which will take pupils to a list of subjects and documents that can support their revision practise. Pupils should also continue to use GCSE POD – which is also linked to our website. Again, they will need their login details for this.

  3. The following is a list of reliable websites that cover a range of subjects for pupils:

      It is split into Primary and Secondary resources and then by UK country; pupils can access specific work on all their subjects in both the KS3 and KS4 curriculum.

    • Linguascope
      Pupils have passwords for this resource as it is used in school on a regular basis.

    • Duolingo
      Language learning app

    • Smartick
      Comprehensive adaptive maths programme for 4 – 14 year olds

    • Anki
      A spaced-repetition flashcard app.

    • Quizlet
      Another spaced repetition flashcard app

    • Times Tables Rock Stars
      Making times tables fun.

    • Hegarty Maths
      This is designed to supplement school maths lessons by providing homework practice.

    • Diagnostic Questions
      Banks of questions designed to target misconceptions.

We will keep you updated as to the progress of the work we are undertaking and we hope in the meantime that this advice and guidance will provide structure for our pupils at home.