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Leadership team is in bold type.

Teaching Staff

Mr. D. BenneyHeadteacher
Mrs. S. GouldenDeputy Headteacher (Pupils) / Science
Miss. K. JonesAssistant Headteacher (Curriculum/T&L)/English
Mrs. C. HyndmanAssistant Headteacher (Pupils)/French/Spanish
Mr. H.W. EvansAssistant Headteacher (Staff Development)/ICT/WBQ
Mrs. Sarah MarksEnglish - Head of Department
Miss. S. Ensell-LewisEnglish / Head of Year 11
Miss K. WilkinsEnglish
Mrs. S. BebbEnglish
Miss B. DaviesEnglish
Mrs L. MorganMedia Studies - Head of Department
Mr. G. RobertsMathematics - Head of Department
Mrs. L. Maclean-QuinMathematics
Mr. J. CarruthersMathematics
Mr. M. A. PowellMathematics - Assessment Co-ordinator
Mrs. D. EsseryMathematics
Mr. C. J. ThomasMathematics
Mr. D. BrownMathematics
Miss. A. WattsMathematics
Mr. D. HowellsMathematics/Numeracy Support
Mr. C. ThomasMathematics - ALN
Mrs. T. TateScience - Head of Department
Mr. B. C. GrayScience
Miss S. J. CapperScience
Ms. E. ReesScience / Head of Year 9
Ms. S. J. EvansScience
Mr. M. G. ReesTechnology - Head of Department
Mrs L. JenkinsTechnology
Mr. M. J. HyndmanGeography - Head of Department
Miss L. ThomasGeography
Miss V. HineArt - Head of Department
Mrs. J. A. KavanaghArt
Mrs L. E. PhippsMusic - Head of Department
Mrs. N. FinneyMusic / Work Experience Co-ordinator
Mrs A. J. Williams-SheafDrama - Head of Department / Primary liaison co-ordinator
Mr. A. N. ClappertonPhysical Education - Head of Department
Mrs. N. L. EvansPhysical Education - Head of Girls' PE
Mr. G. DaviesPhysical Education
Miss. I. DaviesPhysical Education/WBQ Co-ordinator
Dr. C. J. ReesHistory - Head of Department
Mr. M. C. LuckwellHistory / Head of Year 8
Ms. H. M. SteelRVE Head of Department
Mr. N. D. BindingWelsh / Head of Year 8
Miss. A. LlewellynWelsh
Miss B. R. DaviesWelsh - Head of Department
Mr. A. MackayAdditional Learning Needs Coordinator
Mrs. D. HollowayALN English
Miss C. MetcalfeSpecialist Teaching Facility Manager
Mr. B. HarlandVocational /14-19 Manager/WBQ
Mrs. S. MorganBusiness Studies Head of Department / Public Services / WBQ
Miss. M. BraceFrench/Spanish
Mr. R. MarksICT/Computing/Head of Department
Mrs. L. FoxICT / WBQ / Head of Year 10
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Associate, Support and Site Staff

Associate Staff

Mrs. V. U. JeffreysBusiness Manager
Mrs. M. BuchwaldOffice Manager
Mrs. A. CairnsSIMS Manager
Miss. H. MyersReprographic Technician
Mrs. M. KeenanReceptionist / Secretary
Mrs. S. Wingrave-RixSecretary/Receptionist
Mrs. H. LaffertyLibrary Resource Centre Manager
Mrs. L. Sanger
Ms. M. PowAttendance Officer
Mrs. J. EvansNetwork Manager
Ms. Ann MooreICT Technician
Mrs. D. SteeleSenior Technicial (Science)
Ms. J. PerkinsScience Technician
Mr. E. BattiniDesign Technology Technician
Miss. C. FrancisPastoral Support Officer (Y8)
Miss. S. IsaacPastoral Support Officer (Y9)
Mr. A. ClarksonPastoral Support Officer (Y10)
Mrs. K. HarriesPastoral Support Officer (Y11)
Mrs. S. J. MorrisPastoral Support Officer (Y7)
Mrs. E. WilsonCover Supervisor

Support Staff

Mrs. M. J. GoodwinSenior Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. G. RowlandsTeaching Assistant
Miss V. L. DoelTeaching Assistant
Mr. I. HeaherTeaching Assistant
Mr. A. ClarksonTeaching Assistant
Miss. J. EvansTeaching Assistant
Mrs. T. J. FussellTeaching Assistant
Mrs. J. A. RichardsTeaching Assistant
Miss. E. KelmanTeaching Assistant
Mrs. M. E. ReesTeaching Assistant
Mrs. A. VincentTeaching Assistant
Mrs. B. OwenTeaching Assistant
Miss. J. MeredithTeaching Assistant
Mrs. C. RobbinsTeaching Assistant
Mr. A. O'SullivanTeaching Assistant
Mrs. L. MatthewsTeaching Assistant
Mr. A. EvansTeaching Assistant
Miss. A. BillingtonTeaching Assistant
Mrs. C. MatthewsTeaching Assistant

Site Staff

Mr. A. TrotmanSite Manager
Mr. D. LavisSite Officer

Other Staff

Mrs. C. GrancourtE.W.O
Mr. M. LloydCareers Adviser
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