Contacts for Penyrheol Year Teams

We would encourage our pupils to ring and/or email if they need any help from us.

Password or IT issues

IT Support Contact Form

Year 7

Telephone: 07375 964129
Head of Year: Mr Binding
Pastoral Support Officer: Miss Francis
Click here to email Mr Binding and Miss Francis

Year 8

Head of Year: Mr Luckwell
Pastoral Support Officer: Miss Lewis
Click here to email Mr Luckwell and Miss Lewis

Year 9

Telephone: 07375 964003
Head of Year: Ms Rees
Pastoral Support Officer: Mrs Lee
Click here to email Ms Rees and Mrs Lee

Year 10

Telephone: 07375 964130
Head of Year: Mrs Fox
Pastoral Support Officer: Mrs Harries
Click here to email Mrs Fox and Mrs Harries

Year 11

Telephone: 07375 964004
Head of Year: Ms Ensell-Lewis
Pastoral Support Officer: Mrs Morris
Click here to email Ms Ensell-Lewis and Mrs Morris

For enquiries about ALN

Mr Mackay – Click here to email Mr Mackay

Pastoral Assistant Headteacher

Mme Hyndman – Click here to email Mme Hyndman