Year 10 RMT Half Term homework

There is work to complete by the first lesson back after Half Term (Mon 23rd Feb).

Sheet 1 – Analysing the Brief should be completed.

Sheet 2, 3 and possibly 4 (depending on how much work you do) – Research. Areas to complete, Existing products analysis, a questionnaire (if it helps) and Anthropometrics (if needed)

All these sheets should be completed in rough first draft ready for writing up in class.

Remember there is help for you on the moodle site and also this website.

Do not come back after half term with no work attempted – you have been warned!!

RMT Year 10 CAT work

Gentlemen (& Liz!!),

We’ve discussed sheet 1 – Analysing the Brief. Your job is to produce a first draft of your analysis. This needs to be completed by Friday 23rd January. Do not forget – there is loads of information on the Moodle site to help you with this.

Make sure you get this completed in rough by the deadline date!!

Year 11 Resistant Materials Summer Homework.


As we’ve discussed during the lessons, you need to make sure you are on top of your work ready for a running start in September. You’ll have pressure from all subject areas so by completing this work you will have one less thing for you to worry about!

Your task is to make sure  you have completed all your Initial Ideas at least in rough.

Do not forget you can contact me over the summer via @penyrheoldt if you are stuck or worried about this work!

Year 10 GCSE Food Technology Revision list

Here is a detailed list of revison topics for your exam which is fast approaching!


  • Nutrients and functions
  • Special nutritional and dietry requirements

Function of ingredients

Cake making

Pastry making



  • Jamie Oliver
  • Delia Smith

CADCAM in relation to food industry

Industrial equipment (HWB)


Make sure all these topics are learned thoroughly!

No more D&T work for Year 11!

With today’s Resistant Materials exam completing the annual cycle of Year 11 D&T, I have a request. If you have any textbooks (Food, Textiles or Resistant Materials) in your house, or any revision booklets which you no longer need, can you return them to Mr Rees so we can re-use them (one of the 6r’s) with future groups.

Thank you!

Year 10 Graphic Products Revision List

Here are the areas you will need to learn for your exam;


  • Metal packaging  – Aluminium and Steel
  • Paper and board
  • Expanded polystyrene


  • Plastics – Vacuum forming
  • Finishing techniques – Foil blocking and spot varnish laminating


  • The 6 Rs and the benefits of recycling