Design and Technology

KS3 Parental Guide

At Key Stage 3, pupils should be given the opportunities to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired at Key Stage 2. They should be taught to design and make products by combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in contexts that allow them to make decisions based on the values that underpin society, helping them to become active and informed citizens.

They should be made aware of human achievements and the big ideas that have shaped the world. They should be encouraged to be enterprising and innovative in their designing and making while having regard for sustainability and environmental issues in the 21st century.

The Course

Pupils will experience the broad nature of Design and Technology. Pupils will deal with several factors in their experiences; Health and Safety, CADCAM (computer aided design, computer aided manufacture) Resistant Materials, Compliant Materials and Food. Pupils will follow rotational courses and visit each teacher who delivers their specialism within the subject. All pupils will follow the same format in each aspect of the subject, to aid the learning experience. It is vital pupils are equipped with the basic equipment during lessons and any homework set is completed on time.

Parents can assist their children by:

  • Showing an interest in the work they are doing in Design and Technology – the subject has changed massively since you were in school!
  • Speaking about items in the news of a technological nature – this helps to develop an interest. Follow us on Twitter @penyrheoldt
  • Help with homework and stress the importance of producing the best work of your child’s ability.