Year 11 – WBQ Individual Project

Important news for Year 11 pupils

Our school deadline for the completion of all sections of the WBQ Individual Project is Friday 3rd April. We have received information today from the WJEC that where the project has not already been completed there is no requirement to complete it and your grade will be based on the work that has already been completed. However, we would like to give you the option of completing your project, if you would still like to, by Friday 3rd April. You can only do this if you were in school during the last week before we closed and you transferred your project to OneDrive so that you can work on it remotely. If you have done this and would like to complete it, please do so and email it to your WBQ teacher via the Hwb email address that they gave you. This will mean that your final grade is based on your completed work rather than being an estimate based on what you have completed so far.

Many thanks. Stay safe and stay sane!

Alan Tootill (Headteacher) and Tara Tate (WBQ Coordinator)