History in Year 7

In year 7 pupils will study aspects of: Wales and Britain in the Medieval World

c. 1000-1500

This area of study includes some of these topics:

  • The Norman Conquest of Britain
  • Castles
  • Life in Medieval Society
  • The Black Death
  • The Peasants’ Revolt
  • Henry II and the murder of Becket
  • King John and Magna Carta
  • The Welsh Princes’ struggle for independence

During the year, your child will undertake 5 ASSESSMENT TASKS, designed to test and improve their historical skills

  1. September – Chronology and periods of History.
  2. December – A project on why castles changed.
  3. January – A research article describing life in the town.
  4. February/March – Examining the causes and consequences of the Black Death
  5. April/May – King John, a good or bad King?

Please ask your child how they are doing!

As a result of studying History, pupils will develop the ability to:

  • Explain the causes and consequences of events
  • Examine and evaluate evidence
  • Be aware of different points of view in History
  • Research and investigate topics
  • Communicate in ideas in a variety of ways

You can help by:

  • Providing plenty of appropriate READING material such as the “Horrible History” Series
  • Visiting historical sites such as Cosmeston Medieval Village, or local castles
  • Encouraging your child to use the internet for research purposes
  • Checking through written work and helping with punctuation and grammar
  • Ensuring your child completes set homework tasks