Key Stage 3 revision lists

In February of the school year, Year 9 undertake an internal examination in order to assist them with their option choices. Years 7 and 8 undertake their end of year examinations in June.

Year 7 History examination

  • Ten knowledge questions – choosing the answers from the word box
  • The Norman Conquest – examine captions from the Bayeux Tapestry.
  • Castles – where would you build a castle? ; methods of attacking and defending a castle.
  • Life in a medieval town –  use the sources and your own knowledge to write an account of life in a town.
  • The Black Death –  different types/symptoms; use the evidence to explain the effects of the Black Death.
  • King John – use the evidence to assess whether John was a good or bad king.

Year 8 History examination

  • The Spanish Armada – write an account explaining why it was sent, what happened and what the results were.
  • The Elizabethan poor – explain why many were poor in Elizabethan times; use the sources to explain attitudes towards the poor.
  • King Charles I – use the sources and interpretations to assess attitudes towards him over time.
  • The medieval view of the world and the Voyages of Discovery – how and why did knowledge of the world change between 1300 and 1600; why did people go on the Voyages of Discovery?
  • Seven knowledge questions – covering aspects of what you have learnt this year.

Year 9 History examination

This examination is meant to prepare pupils for GCSE and the majority of the question stems are those which are on the GCSE History papers.

  • Five knowledge questions –  covering aspects of what you learnt this year.
  • The Domestic System – what do the sources tell us about the Domestic System.
  • The Agricultural Revolution – choose three out of four issues to do with the Agricultural Revolution and explain the connections  between them.
  • Problems with Parliament – analyse the source and explain why Parliament needed to be reformed (changed) during this period.
  • Social Life – analyse Hogarth’s Gin Lane and explain what the purpose of the drawing was.
  • Changes in transport – examine the two pictures and explain how transport changed during this period and why the changes were important.
  • The Factory System – examine two contrasting sources to do with conditions in the factories and explain which one is more useful  to an historian.