About the English Department

Head of Department: Miss. K. Jones

English Teacher: Mrs. S. Marks
English Teacher: Mrs. V. Davies
English Teacher: Miss. S. Ensell Lewis
English Teacher: Mrs. S. Bebb
English Teacher: Miss. K. Wilkins
English Teacher: Miss. B. Davies

Welcome to the English Department at Penyrheol Comprehensive School. Find all the information you need using the menu on the left.

English inspires pupils to interact and engage with the world around them. It encourages an appreciation of the different ways in which we communicate with others. In the English Department at Penyrheol, we ensure that pupils are presented with a wealth of experiences in reading, writing, speaking and listening so that they are able to understand and analyse the many ways in which we communicate. The department offers English and English Literature at Key Stages Three and Four and Media Studies is also offered as a specialist subject at GCSE. The English Department is high achieving, with results at both Key Stages steadily improving. We are committed to sharing our passion for the subject, providing a stimulating, dynamic and academically rigorous experience of English for all our students.

Key Stage Three We have introduced an exciting new curriculum at key stage three which takes into consideration the national programme and literacy framework requirements but which also delivers an action-packed and diverse course.

Key Stage Four At GCSE, most pupils will study two separate courses – ‘English Language’ and ‘English Literature’. Over the two years, students will be presented with a range of texts and will be motivated and challenged by following a broad and dynamic course of study. Learners will become critical readers of a range of texts, ranging from classic Literature to modern non-fiction media texts. There is a strong emphasis on writing accurately and fluently, choosing content and adapting style and language to a wide range of forms, media, contexts, audiences and purposes. All activities and tasks have their roots in the real world and pupils will be asked to complete tasks that will support and train them to survive in the world of work. Learners will also learn to present and listen to information and respond appropriately to the ideas of others whilst speaking and listening. The courses will also prepare learners to use language to participate effectively in society and employment.

Each student has access to a rich cultural experience as we offer the opportunity to participate in an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities. Every year the department organises theatre trips, as well as visits for educational purposes and enjoyment. We organise a wide range of in-school talks and writing workshops by visiting authors, as well as providing pupils with the opportunity to compete in the Bar Mock Trials.

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