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Leadership team is in bold type.

Teaching Staff

Mr. A. J. Tootill Headteacher
Mrs. J. M. Tanner Deputy Headteacher (Pupils) / French
Mr. D. Benney Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum and Staffing) / Science
Miss K. Jones English – Head of Department
Ms. K. Rhodes English
Miss S.A. Ensell-Lewis English / Head of Year 8
Miss K. Wilkins English
Miss S. Marks English – Second in Department
Miss B. Davies English
Mrs L. Morgan Media Studies – Head of Department / WBQ
Mr. G. Roberts Mathematics – Head of Department
Mrs. L. Maclean-Quin Mathematics – Head / Second in Department
Mrs. A. Davies Mathematics
Mr. M. A. Powell Mathematics – Assessment Co-ordinator
Mrs. D. Essery Mathematics
Ms. E. King Mathematics
Miss. A. Watts Mathematics
Mrs. S. Goulden Science – Head of Department
Mr. B. C. Gray Science – Second in Department
Mrs R. Taylor Science
Miss S. J. Capper Science / Head of Year 7
Ms. E. Rees Science / Head of Year 11
Mr. P. J. Owen Science
Mrs T. Tate Science / WBQ Co-ordinator
Mr. M. G. Rees Technology / Head of Department
Mrs. S. McElroy Technology
Mrs. H. O’Sullivan Technology
Mrs L. Jenkins Technology
Mr. M. J. Hyndman Geography – Head of Department
Miss L. Kingdom Geography
Mr. H. W. Evans Assistant Headteacher (Staff Development) / ICT
Mr. R. G. Marks ICT – Head of Department / ICT Coordinator
Mrs. L. Fox ICT / Business Studies / WBQ
Miss V. Hine Art – Head of Department
Mrs. J. A. Kavanagh Art
Mrs L. E. Phipps Music – Head of Department
Mrs. N. Finney Music
Mrs A. J. Williams-Sheaf Drama – Head of Department / Primary liaison co-ordinator
Mr. A. N. Clapperton Physical Education – Head of Department
Mrs. N. L. Evans Physical Education – Head of Girls’ PE
Mr. G. Davies Physical Education
Miss. I. Davies Physical Education
Dr. C. J. Rees History – Head of Department
Mr. M. C. Luckwell History / Head of Year 10
Mrs. L. Picton Religious Education – Head of Department
Ms. H. M. Steel Religious Education / PSE Co-ordinator
Mrs C. Young / Ms Angharad David French / Spanish – Head of Department
Mrs. A. C. Hyndman French / Spanish / WBQ Head of Year 9
Mr. N. D. Binding Welsh – Head of Department
Miss. A. Llewellyn Welsh
Miss B. R. Davies Welsh / Work Experience Co-ordinator
Mrs. S. M. Lewis ALN / English / Additional Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo)
Mrs. D. Holloway ALN English
Miss C. Metcalfe Specialist Teaching Facility Manager
Mr. B. Harland Vocational / WBQ / 14-19 Manager
Mrs. S. Morgan Business Studies Head of Department / Public Services / WBQ

Associate and Support Staff

Mrs. V. U. Jeffreys Business Manager
Mrs. M. Buchwald Office Manager
Mrs. A. Cairns SIMS Manager
Miss. H. Myers Reprographic Technician
Mrs. M. Keenan Receptionist / Secretary
Mrs. A. Gower Secretary / Receptionist

Curriculum / Support Staff

Mrs. J. E. Evans Network Manager
Mrs. D. Steele Senior Technician
Mrs. J. Perkins Science Technician
Mr. E. Battini Design Technology Technician
Mr. D. Lloyd ICT Technician
Ms. A. B. Murphy Librarian
Mrs. M. J. Goodwin Teaching Assistant
Miss M. A. Pow Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. G. Rowlands Teaching Assistant
Miss V. L. Doel Teaching Assistant
Mrs. T. J. Ashford Teaching Assistant
Mr. A. Clarkson Teaching Assistant
Miss. J. Evans Teaching Assistant
Mrs. T. J. Fussell Teaching Assistant
Mrs. D. M. Delaney Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. A. Richards Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Ellie Sharpe Teaching Assistant
Mrs. M. E. Rees Teaching Assistant
Ms. Anna Lloyd Teaching Assistant
Mrs. A. Vincent Teaching Assistant
Mrs. N. J. Wilmot Teaching Assistant
Miss. J Meredith Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Miss K. Lee Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs. S. J. Morris Pastoral Support Officer
Miss C. Francis Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs. T. Dyche Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs. K. Harries Pastoral Support Officer
Ms. L. Barker Cynnydd Learning Coach
Mrs. E. Wilson Cover Supervisor
Mrs. C. Robbins Cover Supervisor
Mrs. S. Wingrave-Rix Attendance Officer

Site Manager

Mr. A. Trotman

Site Officer

Mr. D. Lavis

Other staff

E.W.O Careers Adviser
Mrs. C. Grancourt Mr. M. Lloyd
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