Year 8

Year 8 pupils are placed into sets according to the levels attained in the Year 7 enquiries. The three main topics taught during Year 8 are:

Vital Organs (Biology)

Pupils study the structure and function of specialised cells, the function of the circulatory and skeletal systems. Pupils are assessed through enquiries based on the classification of specialised cells, and an investigation into exercise and pulse rate.

Acids, Bases and Diffusion (Chemistry)

Pupils study the use of litmus and universal indicator, acid rain, neutralisation reactions and a basic understanding of diffusion. Pupils are assessed through enquiries based on metal/acid reactions, and the classification of formulae.

Electricity (Physics)

Pupils use ‘locktronics’ circuits to investigate the principles of current and voltage within a circuit. A study of magnetism and electromagnetism also occurs. Pupils are assessed through enquiries based on an investigation into lamps/current, and a second investigation into the strength of an electromagnet.

Pupils will receive a National Curriculum level from the teacher assessment following an enquiry. A formative target is given and a formative question is posed. Pupils are given opportunity to respond to this assessment. This provides an opportunity for individual improvement.

There are summative tests at the end of each topic. A summative examination is set at the end of Year 8.