Key Stage 3 Distance Learning Timetable

Work will be uploaded on google classroom each week and you should follow this timetable.

DaySession 1Session 2Session 3
ThursdayEnglishHistoryTechnology / Food and Nutrition

These sessions will be a mix of new material and reviewing/revising previously learned material. Please remember we will be returning to school, at some stage. Keep on top of your learning. Let’s make sure we are ready for when we return.


As well as regular learning/revision, it is vital that you continue to get exercise. You can use your garden if you have one and current guidance states that you can leave your home (for a walk) but to stay 2 metres away from other people. Ideas for exercise will be posted on the website.


It is so important that you look after your wellbeing during your time off school. This includes taking regular exercise, drinking plenty of water and eating as healthily as you can. Stay in touch with family and friends over the phone or on social media. However, take care not to spend too much time on social media. We need to support and encourage each other during this time away from school. Get into good sleeping habits. Stick to your timetabled lessons (as above) to give your day some structure. Try to keep yourself busy. You could try activities like cooking, reading and watching documentaries. Try to limit your screen time. Look after yourself.

Download this information as a Microsoft Word Document:
KS3 Distance Learning Timetable