ICT Department


Information and Communication Technology
Technoleg Gwybodaeth a Chyfathrebu

At Key Stage 3, learners are given opportunities to build on the skills, knowledge and understanding they have acquired at Key Stage 2. They are taught to become increasingly independent when making use of safe and suitable information sources, both ICT and non-ICT.  They will have the chance to develop a range of ICT skills and become familiar with a selection of resources to find, analyse, communicate, present and share information.  They will become more aware of the need to check the accuracy of their work and consider the advantages and limitations of using ICT in the other subjects they study.  This will enable them to become increasingly aware of the social, ethical, moral and economic effects of ICT in the wider society.

The focus for pupils is preparation for the new GCSE specification in Year 10.  Pupils will take time to familiarise themselves with higher level skills and utilise these when producing a large scale business project.  They will also start to work more electronically with less paper handouts and more computer based templates.

Task 1 Pupils are asked to create and interrogate a Travel Agents holiday database from a basic text data file.  They will recap field naming conventions, data types and complex queries.
Task 2 As part of a Key Skills task, pupils will research accommodation information from the World Wide Web and build up a price comparison spreadsheet.  This will later be combined with their Travel Agents work.
Task 3 Pupils will spend time reviewing a range of business documents and create their own ‘House Style’ for their Travel Agents.  They will also create a set of business cards, compliment slips, letterheads and posters targeted at specific audiences.
Task 4 Pupils will complete a series of cross-curricular tasks to give them a basis for starting Essential Skills ICT, AoN and Communication.  For ICT, they will complete a DTP task where they design a leaflet for a travel agent utilising research they gather from the Internet and printed resources.
Task 5 Pupils complete a second section of work for Essential Skills ICT.  They produce a report on their findings of online DVD/CD prices.  This is developed in a spreadsheet format and must show the development of their number and graph work.
Task 6 Pupils will complete a data handling task where they learn to import CSV data into an empty database and then interrogate the data according to series of set tasks.  This will provide evidence for Essential Skills ICT and prepare pupils for GCSE ICT Controlled Assessment tasks.
Task 7 Pupils will design a series of resources for an event of their choice.  This task will give them the chance to explore their own skills and push their Key Stage 3 level higher prior to the end of Year 9.

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