History in Year 8

In year 8 pupils will study aspects of: Wales and Britain in the early modern world


This area of study includes some of these topics:

  • The voyages of discovery

  • Henry VIII, his character, wives and policies

  • The break with Rome

  • Religious changes in the 16th century

  • The reign of Elizabeth i – dealing with the poor, Elizabethan life, the Spanish Armada

  • The gunpowder plot

  • Causes and events of the civil war 1642-49

  • The Commonwealth and restoration

During the year, your child will undertake 4 ASSESSMENT TASKS designed to test and improve their historical skills:

  1. October – Produce a booklet on the life and achievements of Christopher Columbus.

  2. December – Henry VIII and the Acts of Union

  3. January – Research, design and produce a  booklet on the Spanish Armada

  4. May – Evaluate evidence on King Charles I – Hero or Villain?

Remember to ask your child how they are doing!

As a result of studying History, pupils will develop the ability to:

  • Explain causes and consequences of events

  • Examine and evaluate evidence

  • Explain different interpretations of History

  • Research and investigate topics

  • Communicate in a variety of ways

You can help by:

  • Provide plenty of appropriate reading materials such as the “Horrible History” series.

  • Encourage your child to use the internet for research purposes e.g. www.historyworld.net

  • Check through written work and help with punctuation and grammar

  • Stress the need to write full, detailed answers

  • Visit historical sites such as local castles, big pit or any museum

  • Encourage your child to develop an inquisitive nature and to respect the past!