Year 9

Term Reading Writing Speaking and Listening

1st half term

A study of film and narrative. How directors achieve effects and maintain the interest of an audience

Task: analysis of a film clip

Narrative   / descriptive






Task: Own original story

How to engage an audience and maintain interest; effective beginnings and endings, conveying emotions




Task: Communication: oral story-telling


2nd half term

Essential Skills

Non-fiction informative and entertaining texts.

Task: Reading different kinds of media texts

Essential Skills

Writing to inform and persuade using ICT.

Task: Persuasive Leaflet


Essential Skills

Group discussions on various topics.



Task: Group Discussion (Essential Skills)


1st half term

Essential skills

Non-fiction texts – discussion, writing and analysis

Task: Research and synthesis of information

Essential Skills

Writing to discuss, argue and persuade


Task: Persuasive/formal letter

Essential Skills- Communication




Task: Individual Presentation

Spring (2nd half term) Class novel.

Authorial voice, characterisation, plot.

Task: Empathy piece based on characters

Writing To explore, imagine and describe


Task: Planning and drafting essays

Communication Skills


Task: Discussion of issues / characters / themes arising from novel


Summer (1st half term) Poetry of two or more writers


Task: Reading and understanding fiction

Written analysis of themes, effects of language and content.

Task: Critical appreciation

Personal and Social Education / Problem solving.

Task: Discussion of themes, issues, cultural and social context. Discussion of alternative interpretations; tackling language connotations

Summer (2nd half term) Play written by


Task: Study of play

Writing to explore and analyse

Task: Analytical study

Communication Skills. Problem Solving Skills.

Task: Discussion of themes, issues, characterisation. Language study