Year 8

Term Reading Writing Speaking and Listening
Autumn (1st half term? How authors make fiction and non-fiction writing interesting.


Task: Close reading essay.

Writing to argue.


Task: Written speech.


How to effectively communicate ideas and opinion in paired or group situations.


Take: Group debate

Autumn (2nd half term) (1)Effective use of quotations to support opinion and analysis.


Reading for clues.

Task: Common Assessment

Writing to persuade.


Writing media texts.

Task: Phone in

Problem solving – discussion debate and reaching conclusions.


Task: Discussion of current topics

Spring (1st half term) Poetry analysis – including comparison.


Task: Poetry comparison essay

Writing to explore, imagine and entertain.


Task: Writing own poem

How to plan and present an individual presentation.


Task: Presenting ideas to a group.

Spring (2nd half term) Understanding genre, context and audience.

Task: Reading pre C1914 texts


Media Studies – film and narrative.

Task: Creating documentariess

Writing to describe.



Using ICT to enhance texts.


Task: Descriptive writing piece

Use of oral techniques to engage an audience.


Task: Oral storytelling

Summer (1st half term) Reading media texts.


Task: Reading and understanding fiction

Writing to inform.


Task: Writing a formal report

Adapting talk to an audience.


Task: Communicating ideas

Summer (2nd half term) Reading plays/scripts.


Task: Reading and understanding plays

Writing to explain.


Task: Writing a formal letter

Role play.


Task: Role playing characters