Year 7

Term Reading Writing Speaking and Listening
Autumn (1st half term? Reading between the lines – how writers reveal more than just the words on the page! Task: Close reading essay. Autobiography – looking at the rules of this type of writing and getting ideas about how to write their own. Task: A Chapter from their own autobiography. Introducing myself to new friends. Task: Individual presentation to introduce themselves, interests / hobbies, etc, to new classmates and teacher.
Autumn (2nd half term) The language of advertising – tricks of the trade. Persuasive writing. Task: Analysis of different adverts (print and televised). Narrative writing – what makes a good story? Task: Story writing. The language of advertising – tricks of the trade. Task: Group advertising campaign linked to ‘Reading’ element of this half-term’s work.
Spring (1st half term) Reading of different text types (articles, leaflets, speeches, brochures etc). Task: Analysis of style, form and language of text types. Leaflets. Task: Creation of own leaflet using ICT to enhance presentation. Class discussion about different text types – different styles of language, identifying an audience, etc. Task: Whole class discussion.
Spring (2nd half term) Class novel. Task: Essay that focuses on a particular theme or character in the novel that is studied. Descriptive writing – painting a picture with words! Task: Descriptive writing piece to be entered in Eisteddfod competition.  Getting into character. Task: Role-play tasks relating to characters in the novel read in class.
Summer (1st half term) Poetry reading. Task: Analysis / comparison of poems. Writing to instruct. Task: Writing a set of instructions. Poetry reading. Task: Shared reading of poetry (own poems and poems studied).
Summer (2nd half term) Reading plays/scripts. Task: Class reading of a modern play. Writing scripts. Task: Writing a script of their own. Performing plays. Task: Role –playing the characters in the class play.