School Uniform from September 2018

Dear Parents and Pupils

We have undertaken a full review of our school uniform this year in consultation with pupils, staff, parents and governors. Some elements are remaining the same and others are changing. One change that has been brought in early is the introduction of shorts as an option for the Summer Term only. Many parents and pupils have taken up this option.

From September 2018 all school trousers, skirts and shorts will have to incorporate the school trademark. Only Picton Sports (Dafen, Llanelli) and Sew and Sew (Gorseinon) have been given permission to use the school’s trademark, which is registered with the UK government. I have attached the current price lists from these companies, which are our official uniform suppliers.

On the attached school document, I have included images of what is appropriate school uniform and what is not, with the aim of ensuring clarity about our expectations as a school. Uniform is an important part of our ethos and we would welcome the support of parents in helping to enforce this. Pupils who are not wearing the correct uniform will be sent home to change and parents will be contacted as part of this process.

As ever, we are sympathetic to cases of genuine hardship where families may be struggling to afford uniform. Please contact the office on 01792 533066 for a confidential discussion if you are in this position.

Yours faithfully

Alan Tootill


Further details on the uniform policy and prices from two suppliers are available to download below.


Second only to clean drinking water, vaccinations are one of the most effective ways to protect the public against a variety of infectious diseases.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 3 million lives are saved every year worldwide through immunisation.

The vaccination programmes detailed below are offered in school by the School Nursing Service who will provide information to you prior to the programme being delivered, along with a consent form that will need to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the school. The School Nurse will also attend at school to speak to the pupils to ensure they are informed about the vaccination that they are due to receive.

  • HPV Vaccine – for girls in year 8. For further information about this vaccine click here
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio (3 in 1 teenage booster) – for girls and boys in year 9. For further information about this vaccine click here
  • MenACWY – for girls and boys in year 9 (given at the same time as the Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio vaccination). For further information about this vaccine click here

For information about other routine vaccinations click here.

Alternatively, visit:

Consultation on proposed changes to the structure of the Ethnic Minority Achievement Unit (EMAU)

Please find attached a letter with details of Swansea Council’s consultation on proposed changes to the structure of the Ethnic Minority Achievement Unit (EMAU).

The letter contains details of drop-in sessions for parents.

Full details on the consultation are available at the following link:
Copies of the letter are also available at the above link in Arabic, English, Kurdish Sorani, Romanian, Polish, Bengali and Farsi.

EMAU_Parents Letter_English