School Uniform from September 2018

Dear Parents and Pupils

We have undertaken a full review of our school uniform this year in consultation with pupils, staff, parents and governors. Some elements are remaining the same and others are changing. One change that has been brought in early is the introduction of shorts as an option for the Summer Term only. Many parents and pupils have taken up this option.

From September 2018 all school trousers, skirts and shorts will have to incorporate the school trademark. Only Picton Sports (Dafen, Llanelli) and Sew and Sew (Gorseinon) have been given permission to use the school’s trademark, which is registered with the UK government. I have attached the current price lists from these companies, which are our official uniform suppliers.

On the attached school document, I have included images of what is appropriate school uniform and what is not, with the aim of ensuring clarity about our expectations as a school. Uniform is an important part of our ethos and we would welcome the support of parents in helping to enforce this. Pupils who are not wearing the correct uniform will be sent home to change and parents will be contacted as part of this process.

As ever, we are sympathetic to cases of genuine hardship where families may be struggling to afford uniform. Please contact the office on 01792 533066 for a confidential discussion if you are in this position.

Yours faithfully

Alan Tootill


Further details on the uniform policy and prices from two suppliers are available to download below.

Changes to Free School Meal Regulations

The government is rolling out Universal Credit to those of working age in Swansea from 13th December 2017. People who would normally be making a new claim for Housing Benefit, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Child Tax Credit and/or Working Tax Credit after 13th December 2017 will have to claim Universal Credit instead (there are some exceptions). If you are not making a new claim for any of these benefits, you will stay on your existing benefits for the time being.

If you are already in receipt of free school meals (FSM), you do not need to do anything as your free school meals will continue whilst you are in receipt of Universal Credit. However, if you are in receipt of Universal Credit and your child doesn’t have free school meals, then please make an application as soon as possible.

Even if your child does not wish to have the free dinners, it is important that parents/carers apply for free school meals if they are eligible. The school receives funding as a result of the number of children in the school who are eligible for free school meals. This funding allows a range of measures to be put in place aimed at raising attainment, increasing opportunities and supporting all learners. Your child could miss out on this support if you don’t apply.

For information and to apply for free school meals visit:

For information on Universal Credit visit:

Yours faithfully


The information above is available to download as the original letter from the following link: FSM Letter November 2017 – Penyrheol Comprehensive